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Schooling Jumping Derby Entry


October 10, 2020 - Enter Below

Starter through Preliminary
$40/class when paid before October 1 with $20 off future cross country schooling
$50 after October 1 to day of show
$250 prize to highest scoring OTTB, sponsored by Suzy Haslup, Meybohm Realty
Complementary lunch provided by the Shaw Family

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Start times approximate
1. Starter- Fences to 2’3” (10 – 12 efforts) Starts: 9:00 am
2. Beg. Novice- Fences to 2’7” (12-18 efforts) Starts: 10:00 am
3. Novice- Fences to 2’11” (15-22 efforts) Starts: 11:15 am
4. Training- Fences to 3’3” (15-22 efforts) Starts: 12:30 pm
5. Preliminary- Fences to 3’7” (20-25 efforts) Starts: 1:30 pm

All courses from 900-1500 meters.
Begin with Starter at 9:00 am and working our way up through the levels
• Extra rides can be added on show day for $30.
• But only the first round to count for class.
• Judged like a jumper round - fastest time wins -- six seconds added per rail or stop/runout.
• 12 month Coggins required on all participants, send with entry OR copy/phone copy acceptable day of show.
• Organizer may divide or combine classes as entries warrant.
• Hard hats with a harness required at all times when jumping.
• Medical armbands are required for all jumping. (Can be homemade)
• Braiding and coats not allowed 🙂
• No rain date or entry refund - free x/c schooling in future.
• Approximate times available on web page the night before - www.jbfarm.com
• Scratch refunds allowed before midnight of C.D.
Must be phoned to Amber’s cell (803) 260-5970 OR e-mailed to:
aelee28@gmail.com less $15 office fee.
After Closing Date Only if space filled by waiting list

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I am aware that riding horses is an athletic event which poses potentially serious risk of injuries. I understand that I may be injured as a result of my negligence, the negligence of others or through no fault of my own or anyone else due to the activity in which I am going to be engaged. I hereby agree to hold harmless Jumping Branch Farm and the organizers and volunteers of this event for any injury or death which I might sustain as a result of my horseback riding during this event.

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