Jumping Branch is Home

Your journey begins, and ends, here.

A Place Apart…

For 24 years I’ve driven down the winding drive to come home. As I pass the groves of pines on my left and the lush hayfields on my right each day I remember how much I have grown to love this place. I have enjoyed each of those 24 years thoroughly, and have seen members of the Aiken community come and go. Now I am ready for someone else to come down that drive and look at the farm the way I do. As I get ready to write the next chapter of my life, I’m looking to sell Jumping Branch to someone who wants to love and grow the farm as I have.

If the thought of having your own turnkey training facility and horse farm piques your interest, please contact Kathy Hadlock at 803.640.2242 or email her at kathyhadlock@hotmail.com

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