1st Skyeler Voss Argyle 33.2
2nd Shelley Onderdonk Chester K 46.3
3rd Cameron McLeod Folly’s Hope 46.8
4th Julia Khan Yet To Be 47.0
5th Tiffany Meetze Chief 51.0
6th Erin Jarboe Sir Rockstar 54.4
7th Carly Stiles Cruise Control 54.7
8th John Nunn Beijing Blues 57.0
9th Johanna Crumpton Have You Heard 50.7
10th Vicky Prince FHF Reina 62.7

1st Courtney Olmstead Baker Street 42.5
2nd Suzi Gornal Quantum 64.2

1st Laurian Pope Le Basil 30.2
2nd Lindsey Elwell Metro 31.0
3rd Tiffany Meetze Cooper 34.5
4th Erin Jarboe Ballygriffin Cool Guy 57.9
5th Suzi Gornal Murphy 59.8

1st Emily Cardin Cake 30.2
2nd Lakyn Harlow Gunnar 30.2
3rd Jamee Hill Geheiminis Aires 32.4
4th Andrea Gagnon Lenny K 36.4
5th Lisa Burch FGF Slew 2 Cowboy 37.1
6th Lucy Arnold Lapin Rouge 52.9
7th Emily Cardin Storm 57.8
8th Kate Santin 63.6

1st Alison Eastman-Lawler Swan’s Phoenix 31.9
2nd Carli Stiles Sports Car 32.9
3rd Channing Meetze Hap 32.9
4th Sarah Morton Happy 33.6
5th Cathy Anne Coward 34.0
6th Sally Davis MFF Manhatten Affair 35.0
7th Emily Ragan Buzz 35.2
8th Sheila Wiese Simple Ben 36.7
9th Rachel Land Redmond 37.6
10th Peter Arndt DUI 40.8
11th Jane McDonald Caya 57.9

1st Emily Holten The Perfect Storm 26.2
2nd Isabella Sparks FGF Struck By Luck 30.5
3rd Deanna Wiilliams A Smooth Advantage 35.2
4th Danielle Moon Tenth Rendition 35.7

1st Mary Kate Grubbs Whole Lotta Heart 32.1
2nd Amanda Fisher Howie’s Shooting Star 35.5
3rd Lauren Davis Marq 38.5
4th Lucy McNamara Imagine That 41.6

1st Richard Moon Tyrion 26.2
2nd Tori Donaghue Sparrow 28.7
3rd Cassie Hein Altivo 37.2
4th Darby Waund Mahogany Mist 45.4
5th Piper Uhl Finnegan 48.1
6th Emma Grace Doremus Simn Says 52.5

1st Julia Beamish True Blue 28.6
2nd Jessie Schultz FGF Giacokhan 30.6
3rd Margret Stiles Sum Up 33.9
4th Kathleen Carrara Hazen 34.4
5th Amanda Miller Barley 41.1
6th Rachel Childers On A Whim 49.0
7th Cameron McLeod The Moscow Mule 51.7
8th Margret Stiles Just Dreamin 54.7
9th Maddison Riebock Red Rum 55.4
10th Sydney Wilson Nuttin But Malarkey 61.9
11th Jane McDonald Whistle Worthy 73.9
12th Sophie Miller FGF Quadratic Halo 122.5

1st Anna Callicoat Riley 28.3
2nd Rebecca Pryce Indy 29.8
3rd Jessica Wymbs Weight Of The World 30.8
4th Maddie Groover Foster 34.2
5th Lisa Doker Storm King 35.0
6th Charlotte McDonald Creme De La Creme 35.0
7th Addison Arrends Practically Perfect 40.7
8th Ann Archibald Bear 41.2
9th Megan Lapkoff Zubi Zubi Zoo 42.2
10th Lucy Greene Maggie 80.9